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Andrew Osborne runs and operates Eagle Smoked Salmon, Inc. and supplies some of the finest restaurants in the Roaring Folk Valley: Beaver Creek, Vail, Glenwood Springs, and Aspen with hundreds of pounds of smoked salmon and trout every week. He also has a loyal following of retail customers in Dillon, Minturn, Steamboat, and Glenwood.

Osborne is from Inverness, Scotland, the Scottish Highlands, where smoked salmon is considered one of the necessities of life. He grew up eating the good stuff and knows how it’s supposed to taste.

A chef for 22 years, Osborne found it difficult locating really good smoked salmon so, he made his own. Looking for a career change, his friends suggested he sell his smoked salmon; and, in 1994 Eagle Smoked Salmon was started.

Osborne smokes his salmon in the traditional Scottish method; however, he enhances the flavor of his salmon by using his own personal smoking techniques. When customers ask Osborne how he produces the incredibly tasty smoked delicacy he states, "If I share my secret, I'll have to kill you." His response always brings laughter to his clients, but they don't push him any further for an answer.

The salmon Osborne uses is mainly imported from Norway and Scotland. He also uses Coho, Sockeye, and King from Alaska. "The peach wood that I use gives the product a more delicate flavor," Osborne proudly states.

Eagle Smoked Salmon pumps out two types of salmon: cold and hot smoked. Cold smoked requires a longer process--four days to be exact.  It is cured for a couple of days, smoked for five to six hours, and then has to settle/sit for another two days.

During the Ski Season, Osborne manufacturers approximately 1,000 pounds a week. The Holiday Season, from Thanksgiving to New Years, brings even greater demand.

If you are planning a special Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years Eve gathering you don't want to delay. Place your order here on the web, or phone 970-390-0287. You may also fax your orders to fax 970-524-9819.







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